Retrospective tool for any project manager's level
No credit card required
Collaborate with your remote team and move work forward
Keep remote teams in sync
Add anonymous reflections on your work together. Be open, expressive, and have fun!
Combine ideas
You and your team members will be able to group comments with a simple drag and drop, even those from different columns.
Decide on priorities
Vote to prioritize themes to keep meetings democratic and fair. Completely anonymous.
Get valuable insights from data
Gather scores and comments and use this data to decide what you need to focus on during your next retrospective.
Estimate actions in planning poker
Seamless integration with Chpokify Planning Poker allows you to see and estimate all your actions from Retrospectives
Export action plan
Easily export your team's action items to Jira and Slack.
Retrospective for any PM level and style
Guided mode
Follow the flow and you will go through all the steps of the retro by navigation bar.
Advanced mode
When you are experienced you can build your own retro process with a handy side-bar on the right.
Without Retro
And they cannot be put off because they are important
Suddenly a
last-minute task come up
As a result he didn't get the task done in time.
LeadDev sold his estimation to Junior
But forgets to perform tasks that block others
Dev is working on an useless tasks
Which features will be released and which ones won't
Cannot predict the next sprint
By geting valuable and anonymous feedback
Keep team
non-toxic and healthy
And respond to them immediately
Stay up-to-date on all changes going
And get insights about team performance
Gather all data about project
And know what task the developer is working on
Stress-free devs tracking
What is Retrospective?
This simple retrospective question keeps teams focused on their activities over the prior iteration
Take a logical view of what's working to improve performance and quality the next iteration
Focus the team on creating a list of concrete actions it can take to improve.
These are generally quick sessions that are not only informative and contribute to the team's functionality and efficiency, but also do something most "Retros" forget to do: engage the team.
Endless Inspiration with Free Retrospective Templates
Seamless Integration with Chpokify Planning Poker
All actions created in Retrospective can be transferred to the Planning Poker in a single click. And all Planning Poker players can leave feedback and rate estimated sessions, so you can discuss them in the next Retrospective session.

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