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How to connect JIRA to Chpokify?

Chpokify team will gladly assist you to set up your JIRA. Send a message so we can arrange video call (Eastern European Time Zone).

You will need to contact or be an administrator of your JIRA system in order to complete this integration. If you are not an administrator of your JIRA instance you can share the values and the instructions below. Remember to add your JIRA URL at the bottom of this page to link the account once you have completed the setup in JIRA.

1. Create and set up JIRA application link

1.1 As JIRA administrator, go to “Settings”, then “Application links”.


1.2 Enter the Application URL then press “Create new link”.


Application URL

1.3 In the “Configure Application URL” modal window just press “Continue”.


1.4 In the “Link applications” modal window copy and paste Chpokify to Application Name and choose Generic Application (usually selected by default), and then press “Continue”.


Application Name

Application Type

There will be other fields on this form in JIRA but ignore those for now.

2. Incoming authentications settings

2.1 After completeing the first step, you’ll see the “Chpokify” line appeared in the table. Click pencil icon on the right.


2.2 In the “Configure Chpokify” modal window select “Incoming Authentication” and copy and paste all the settings below, and then press “Save”. Keep in mind that this modal window has many options, so you have to scroll down to see them.


Consumer Key

Consumer Name

Public Key

Consumer Callback URL

3. Link JIRA to Chpokify