Our purpose

Chpokify exists to empower important intelligent at work.
We are developing tools for management and teamwork to make any meeting feel like it's worth it.

We believe that organizations exist to serve individuals and alter effects. If each teammate's work is significant, people will do their best. The foundation of a good workplace is to establish trust between people.

We construct the best tools by using the following principles.
The ideals that motivate our business are convictions, philosophies, and morals.
Open book
Open by default. Write it down to be clear.
Open eyes
Assume positive purpose. Assume good intent. Try, not to be heard, to learn. Use details. Use information.
Safe to try
Offers a fast, improved survival. Only be playful, don't be delicate. Learn the experiment.
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
Albert Einstein
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