Planning Poker Online

Speed up development process of your agile teams. Play on desktop or mobile.

Start making online estimations today


Spacer for every project or company

Just like in Slack – every space is your environment.


Teams for everyone

Invite and assign people to as many teams as you need.


On any device – mobile and desktop

Chpokify is available on any platform with browser.

Connect to all your favorite services

Jira Software

How it works in details

1. Register and get your own space

When you sign up, we create a cozy space for you and your teammates. In that space you will have everything you need to create stories and estimate them. You can have as many spaces you need for different projects or companies.


2. Invite people and team them up

Invite people to your space in a second. No more stuttering registrations for your co-workers – we'll auto-register them by invite. Have a big team? Assign invited people to teams at any time.


3. Start session and create stories

Create a poker session dedicated to sprint that you've planned and fill it with stories.


4. Vote, moderate

Control the field. Decide, when and which team is going to vote right now. Got different or wrong results? Discuss with team, take notes and reset or revote if needed.


5. Finalize, analyze

Ready to finish sprint estimate session? Nicely done! Create reports of team's progress during the sprints history and review other statistics.



Small Team up to 5 users


Business 6+ users

14 days free trial


per user / month

Enterprise 20+ users

14 days free trial


/ month

Chpokify is free for up to 5 users. When 6th user added, you’ll only be charged after 14 days free trial.

Chpokify UI

Dark mode

We know that you may work till late, just like we do. Therefore, we made a dark mode. Switch to it and keep your eyes healthy.

Design system

With our brand new design-system Chpokify UI you'll get a new level of sensations.

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