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How We
Redefined Agile
Scrum tools have limited functionality, are challenging to use, and have overwhelming UI. But we solved it.
Kanban → Poker → Retro
Work seamlessly within
the Chpokify ecosystem
Plan your work and prioritize in Kanban. Estimate tasks in Poker.
Find out how the job went with Retro. On all platforms.
Chpokify/ Retro
Collaborate with your team in a stress-free way and move work forward.

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Chpokify/ Poker
Get accurate estimations from your agile teams. Play on desktop or mobile.

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Chpokify/ Kanban
Plan projects, stay on track, and deliver on time without overworking your team.

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/ month
for 50 users
Lighting-fast Kanban board
Chpokify/ Kanban
Easy-as-pie planing poker
Chpokify/ Poker
$375 / month
Atlassian Jira
$87 / month
Jira Planing Poker
$29 / month
Easy Retro
Do it yourself
Stress-free retrospective tool
Chpokify/ Retro
Why you'll love us
We work in the Agile team every day
and know what helps us to deliver products
Easy sprint planning board
Chpokify is the best way to plan your work without getting overwhelmed or bored while setting up your teams. You can create, move, drag-and-drop cards representing tasks in a project right on top of each other!
Precise estimations scrum poker
Get your estimation into that sweet spot where you're just guessing what the effort will be without having to overcommit and find yourself living up to those expectations as your project evolves.
Estimate multiple teams
With our intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily create accurate and reliable estimates for every team you manage. Get stats for each team separately and run sessions for multiple teams at once.
Incognito mode for retro
Fear of getting the bad news first may lead to bottlenecks or decisions being delayed, hindering progress during these crucial times. Chpokify is your best defense from those nagging “bad guy" Scrum team members who always cause trouble.
Being able to videocall your team is a huge plus for productivity. With Chpokify, you can easily keep in touch with your colleagues without ever having to leave your desk.
Guided or Free mode in Retro
Chpokify is the best way to have productive Retro meetings. In Guided mode, you'll follow the steps and get through your meeting quickly and easily. In Free mode, you can manually control the session flow and customize it to fit your needs.
Retro Templates
Make sure that your Retro meetings are always well-organized and on track. With tons of pre-made templates to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect layout for your team needs every time.
What our clients say
Since we started using Chpokify we saved 14 minutes per estimation, mostly thanks to multiple teams in one session. I stopped wasting time manually copying-pasting issues from JIRA using integration. I also forgot about excel files thanks to automated summary that allows me to export and share results with team members.

It turned out that 14 minutes per estimation saved us more than $10,000 per year.
Projects manager at Edu Platform
It has clear and simple interface and all the functionality you may need: paste story list easily, create different teams and assign members to them, create separate spaces for different projects in your company, view team stats during sessions, keep all your sessions' history in the same place, etc. It doesn't matter what devices we're using -- it works perfectly for both desktop and mobile. We don't spend our time on any technical imperfections anymore as we did with other tools. Instead we can focus on story details only and have really effective discussions.
COO at Wisebits
Great product. Already a user of Chpokify since the closed beta version. Really like its clear and fast UI, simple way to launch tasks estimation. Love it.
CTO at Live Streaming Platform
Awesome experience with Chpokify. Today we successfully used it for the DevOps team's PBR and really enjoyed the tool. Highly recommend it to all development teams.
Project Manager at Affiliate Platform
New level of security
4 Reasons Why You Can
Sleep Tight
Heavily encrypted
Encrypting data is the best way to ensure that your data is safe. All data stored by us is encrypted with AES-256 encryption, a military-grade cipher that cannot be cracked by any currently known or future technology.
Only you have access to your data
We take your privacy very seriously. After encrypting your data we store it on our servers for you. Our servers are not accessible to anyone - even us! (we're nice like that).
Do not track anything
For added security, we don't even keep any logs of IP addresses or other browsing information for more than an hour after someone has visited the site. All personal data is deleted within 60 minutes after the last usage.
Open and audited source code
Anyone can view, change, and check it. This makes it easier to spot security flaws that might compromise your right to privacy. Our source code is regularly audited and reviewed by the community and our developers.
Easily sync data with your existing applications:
Jira, Slack, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, Azure, and others